Arroyito, Paraguay

Arroyito is a quiet rural town in the department of Ca’aguazu and is home to about 1000 people most of whom farm the local lands.

Beautiful view near Arroyito

Arroyito was founded in 1964 when the President gave veterans from the Chaco War the land in order to raise their families. At that time, Arroyito was all forested land. The community then constructed a primary school, high school, health center and would walk 30km to the nearest grocery store.

Teachers and students from the local school.

Currently, the kids still don’t have a court to play on, instead they have to walk a couple miles to a nearby soccer field. The community will not only use the new court for court soccer, basketball, and volleyball, but they will also host fundraisers, festivals, dances, and graduation ceremonies.

Area at the school where the court will be built.

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Location of Arroyito.