Bid to win a one-of-a-kind experience

Bid for a chance to win your choice of one of the two following highly personalized experiences:

Heritage Trip:

The ultimate in personalized travel.  A fully planned trip to your country or state of heritage combined with genealogy research in order to make an attempt to visit towns, farms and sites of importance from your relatives’ past.  You might even have a chance to meet distant relatives and step foot on the actual soil from your family’s land, like Derek did on his self-planned heritage trip to Norway. 

Derek learning about his Great, Great Grandfather’s farm outside of Lom, Norway from a long time neighbor (left). Visiting a church where many ancestors were married and buried (right).

Rite of Passage Experience

A planned single or multi-day event to usher in a new stage of life for your son or daughter.  We will plan an event to honor their transitioning from child to adolescent or from adolescent to adult, featuring adventurous activities, great food, and most importantly, a space where the important adults in their life are present and able to pass on wisdom and encouragement.  Join the majority of other cultures throughout the history of the world who have had similar events for their children. 

Important Details

Your donation bid is for the travel/ event planning services of Derek and Selene Nesland to plan a fully customized experience for you and your family.  We will work together to develop a budget for the hard costs of the event (travel costs, food, activities, etc.) which will vary tremendously based on a variety of factors and will need to be covered separately by you.  The three winning bidders will be selected.

Email us at or private message us to submit a bid.  Bidding ends May 31, 2021.

All proceeds benefit Courts for Kids

Derek and Selene Nesland have spent their past 12 years facilitating international travel experiences for thousands of volunteers.  Due to COVID, these projects are temporarily suspended.  Due to this hiatus, this is your chance to tap into their wealth of international travel planning as well as experience in directing boundary marker experiences for youth. 

All proceeds will benefit Courts for Kids and help carry the organization through this pandemic and into a bright future of transforming lives through building courts and cultural exchange.