Open trip to Guatemala

Trip dates: July 19-27, 2020

Join us and help build a court with the community of Laj Chimel, a small agricultural community in the north of Uspantan, Guatemala. Every week, the 32 elementary students and their teachers walk to a small field an hour round trip for gym class because there is no where for the kids to play in the community. After 5 years of wanting a court, the community started clearing land for a future court because they believed the community would find a way to gather the funds to build a court.

Our group will fly to Miami airport where we will all meet and fly together to Guatemala city. From there we will travel to the community by private bus. During the whole trip we will be fully immersed in the local culture eating authentic food, learning local traditions, customs, and way of life. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

Community members clearing the land outside of the school.

Help us make that dream a reality! If you would like an authentic cross-cultural immersion experience in Guatemala where you will help the community of Laj Chimel build their court please join us on the open trip this July 19-27.