What is #makeshiftSPORTS ?

At a time when the entire world has limited access to parks and recreational facilities, we are all beginning to understand what it’s like to be deprived of basic privileges like access to a safe place to play sports. This already is an everyday reality for millions of kids across the world who do not have simple luxuries like a gym, playground, basketball court or soccer field. Over the past 13 years, Courts for Kids has witnessed these children finding creative ways to play, such as throwing empty water bottles through a makeshift wire hoop on a tree or throwing trash through tires.

Now is the time to show our solidarity for these kids and create awareness about Courts for Kids’ year-round mission – to transform lives through building courts and cultural exchange.

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How can you get involved with #makeshiftSPORTS? 

  • Play a competitive sport (not just you exercising).  Ideas of sports you could duplicate: Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, bowling, curling, or a sport you are making up/inventing!  Use trash or any other make-shift item, like kids often do in the developing world.
  • Take a video or picture of your sport and post it to social media using #makeshiftSPORTS and @courtsforkids


  • Tag @courtsforkids including #makeshiftSPORTS
  • Challenge other friends to create their own #makeshiftSPORTS

A few great #makeshiftSPORTS videos