Southern Oregon FCA project in Aqua Blanca, Honduras

 A group of student-athletes from the Southern Oregon chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes went to Honduras this spring break to undertake the most ambitious project ever attempted by Courts for Kids.  Agua Blanca is a mountainous town with no flat land.  Literally 1/3 of the future court was sloping down the mountainside.  The group from Southern Oregon spent their week moving dirt the old fashioned way, with shovels and wheelbarrows.  They helped build two enormous retaining walls to prepare the site for the court.  After the group left, the local contractor and his team are finishing the court.  We’ll post finished pictures as soon as they come.

Agua Blanca is a very low-income community.  The court will literally be the centerpiece of the community.  It is right next to the one room school house, which was recently built and is the primary meeting place.  The community was so grateful and threw our team a big party on the last day.  Our group was also deeply impacted by the warmth and hospitality of the community members in Agua Blanca.