Testimonials from Communities

“As for the basketball project, it has come as a blessing to not only the children and the youth, but to the region as well … the project will encourage more children to participate and stay in school, improve community health both physically and mentally, the project shall too promote gender equality, and girl participation in sports. “
– Ochan Moses, Director Hoops of Hope Initiative – Uganda

“The court has created an atmosphere of excitement within the school’s environment. The impact is tremendous. The additional space has provided a safe and controlled area and the court is being used before, during and after school daily.  I would recommend Courts for Kids without reservation.”
Mr. Paul Reid, PE teacher at Bellefield Primary School – Bellefield, Jamaica

“[The community] welcomed the volunteer group and the friendships and experiences are, and will be, in the hearts of the residents long after the court was done. The volunteers come in with an open and warm heart. They are willing and eager to learn about you and your country. Your community will learn about the volunteers and America as well.” 
– Chantal Woodward, Peace Corps Volunteer – Jamaica

“The court we built in rural Cambodia allowed young girls to participate in sports that they historically would not participate in due to the gender divide.  The bonds that were built between the community members and the Courts for Kids group were incredible.”
Neysa Peterson, Peace Corps Volunteer – Cambodia