U of Oregon Business Students to Costa Rica

El Higueron is a rural community in Northern Costa Rica, nestled between two volcanoes near the Nicaraguan border, which is the poorest region in Costa Rica.  El Higueron was established 26 years ago as an agricultural community and with only 700 residents, there are few opportunities for local youth.  Now, their community features a multi-use sports court thanks to the initiative of the community, a local Peace Corps volunteer and a Courts for Kids group of honors business students from the University of Oregon.

A special thank you to The Quest Foundation for their matching contribution toward the court construction costs.

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My favorite part was  seeing the kids playing on the court and knowing that we had created something that would have a lasting impact on the community.

The big takeaways for me are that we are lucky to have everything that we do and other people around the world need opportunities as well. This trip was a great way to give back.

I think the thing that resonated with me most powerfully is that people have the capacity to surprise each other in a positive way. Our group members surprised ourselves and each other with how hard we were able to work, the locals were pleasantly surprised by our ethic, and our eyes were opened to the warmth and generosity of the community there. I’ve always believed that people are inherently good, and this trip strongly reaffirmed that in ways I didn’t expect.

Being in the small, rural community of El Higueron really showed me how kind hearted and welcoming people can truly be. They showed me the joy that can come from putting an emphasis on family and relationships, something that can be all to easily forgotten in our fast paced lifestyles.

It was an incredible experience, I felt not only welcomed into the community but into their families. And all the hard work and sore muscles disappeared as soon as I saw the smiles on all the kids faces.